Friday 13 January 2017


Singur Judgment: Hard to Understand Whose Win Actually it is

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The verdict fails to reflect human religion of development

The judgment of Supreme Court on Singur is probably single dimensional. That’s why; it focuses only on the method of a certain work, not its purpose. Our work ought to be defined by its purpose, not method. Purpose is our primary action whereas method is the secondary one. We should first study philosophy and science of a work, then think of its methods and techniques.

When the purpose is right but the method is wrong, never should we go back. We should rather advance and continue to upgrade the faulty method so that the same flaws could not happen next time i.e. it is an irreversible course of action where there is no space to draw back.

A good purpose always makes a good society. That’s why, when the purpose of a work is good we ought to think at least two times before explaining or declaring it illegal. Otherwise, it will be a sheer cruelty.

For this very reason, this single dimensional verdict cannot bridge the interests between the farmers and the industries. It cannot draw a clear picture which shows us the triangular relationship between Government, society and the business. Industry gives money to the government in the form of taxes. The government spends that money for the development of the poor farmers and other people of the society. Returning land to the farmers is not the solution, rather an intensifier to the problem. It won’t beam any light on their future. swapsushias@contract farming in India opportunities and issues

On the contrary, it may be a tricky judgment of the SC too! By giving this judgment it actually puts pressure on the government indirectly. It sends a negative message to the industry and industrialists and simultaneously challenges the government to find its way to get over the tough hurdles like land acquisition, reforms and overall economic development of the country.

What is most interesting fact in the verdict is that, it sends a ‘hidden message’ which is for no one but the government of west Bengal! Therefore, it is hard to understand whose win actually it is. It is also hard to figure out for whom the Singur festival is now being celebrated!

It is only the Time which can answer these.

Before that, let’s wait and watch…..

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