Wednesday 26 February 2014

24 February 2014

I am Chandan. I live at Bongaon, a small town seventy eight kilometers away from Calcutta(Kolkata), India. I am an MBA but writing is my passion. I am going to share some of my personal views and realization with you .Everyone always strives to construct a strong bond between social  and universal dynamics through himself and in this process he wants to meaningfully position himself in between two. This inspirational bond of love drives me to add some values to the great activities of society and the universe at large.I will continue to express my philosophical views and realization on various subjects such as science, social, management etc..

Today I have written two short poems for you.I shall come up with more ideas in the coming days.


                                                         Pain of separation-
                                                        An Exchange of Love.
                                                        But, exchange of  'Some Values' ?
                                                        Is it in the hand of destiny
                                                        Or someone else?

                                                        VALUE OF RESPONSE

                                                          Responding to your call
                                                          I have gone to your house last night.
                                                          Nobody has seen me.........
                                                          Except you.

                                                                                                       To continue......




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