Saturday 15 March 2014

An idea may be a vision
That can see and change
The course of Time,
And better the value of life.



In my earlier blog posted on 7 March 2014 I wrote a set of three poems. Today I am going to write a set of two poems. Life is poem and vice versa. Discover the value of life in poems. Share your views and experience with me.


When the leaves are dried,
The river becomes sandy,
And your narrow interest dies down.
The conceited utterance 'no never'
Is converted into forever, today. 

The hard rule of society ins and out
And your fragmented body
Built by space and time,
Remains standstill.

Life goes on  
And your Demand lies on the floor, inane.....


Your complex octave movement
Or speedy degeneration,
It's a test of life to see-
How  you define the interest 
And your life at this mystic moment.

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