Sunday 15 January 2017



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A world where blurs reality and fantasy

The Sword of Thunder

sword of thunder google image

when your heart
is broken into pieces,
not even the slightest
we like to see you
scampering bewildered
in the labyrinth
you make in the sky-
look at the world of stars
and the unspoken lives therein.

Here are we waiting
to see a silent trigger from you
and from your dark Matrix,
a sword of thunder
that speaks to us with sound.

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The Story of a Migratory Bird

migratory bird google image

the odd-shaped migratory bird
comes here every year
to fill the gap in the sky, endless
travelling so many miles

only two open eyes
shallow as well as restless

snakes its little head to the east,
as it perches on a tree, but
balloons its breast to the west
with one leg fixing on a branch
another swaying to and fro.

bending its spine secretly
loves to drink water,
as the nightingale’s heavenly tune
from a wood nearby,
floats in the air

there's no water in the jug
this year

the illusive time
moving around it
makes the bird fly
to its own land, forever…

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A Little Flap

 abstract bird google image


Behind the clouds
a little bird unknown
is flying ahead
towards its destination
keeping a sharp look-out
on the stimulating events
that glide backwards swift

in minute details
it is recording each of them


is that work meaningless?
perhaps not….

nobody knows
what a single little flap
could print in the space faraway
and discover a shiny feather
that takes away the dark clouds
and presents a sunny sky,
blue all over.

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image a blur of reality and fantasy

In that deep dark star
The real story turns into fairy.
In that decisive bloodless battle
The desires of the characters
Are dying hard
Only the one you long for
Escapes and sees the day’s light.

Ah, that I were a magical interpreter
I would go past the horizon
Speak to them in their language.

By the evening
I come back home
And, share their views
With the special Time
You’ve planted in your garden.

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abstract image of reality and fantasy

The ghosts of disbelief
moving in all directions
striking the walls at random
in the dark cloudy night.
The pride legs
are sinking deep
into the trap under the trap
even the Shame is hiding its face
as it faces the shame

The trace of mischievous desire
is still waiting
for a short spell of rainfall
in some different space of thought

The sun is setting,
It is time for the bird
come back to its nest
dig up the meaning of day’s flight.

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Silent Viewers

abstract image light and dark

The night was on the horizon.
My friend and I were walking silent
on a complex field
covered with a strange white fog;
On one side,
we heard city’s clatter
saw the glare of light;
On the other,
we saw the darkest houses of the specters
and felt their soundless movement.

There, a cyclic clock giving -
Time on timeless.

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Friday 13 January 2017


Singur Judgment: Hard to Understand Whose Win Actually it is

 image supreme court India

The verdict fails to reflect human religion of development

The judgment of Supreme Court on Singur is probably single dimensional. That’s why; it focuses only on the method of a certain work, not its purpose. Our work ought to be defined by its purpose, not method. Purpose is our primary action whereas method is the secondary one. We should first study philosophy and science of a work, then think of its methods and techniques.

When the purpose is right but the method is wrong, never should we go back. We should rather advance and continue to upgrade the faulty method so that the same flaws could not happen next time i.e. it is an irreversible course of action where there is no space to draw back.

A good purpose always makes a good society. That’s why, when the purpose of a work is good we ought to think at least two times before explaining or declaring it illegal. Otherwise, it will be a sheer cruelty.

For this very reason, this single dimensional verdict cannot bridge the interests between the farmers and the industries. It cannot draw a clear picture which shows us the triangular relationship between Government, society and the business. Industry gives money to the government in the form of taxes. The government spends that money for the development of the poor farmers and other people of the society. Returning land to the farmers is not the solution, rather an intensifier to the problem. It won’t beam any light on their future. swapsushias@contract farming in India opportunities and issues

On the contrary, it may be a tricky judgment of the SC too! By giving this judgment it actually puts pressure on the government indirectly. It sends a negative message to the industry and industrialists and simultaneously challenges the government to find its way to get over the tough hurdles like land acquisition, reforms and overall economic development of the country.

What is most interesting fact in the verdict is that, it sends a ‘hidden message’ which is for no one but the government of west Bengal! Therefore, it is hard to understand whose win actually it is. It is also hard to figure out for whom the Singur festival is now being celebrated!

It is only the Time which can answer these.

Before that, let’s wait and watch…..

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Today’s majority people of West Bengal have unfortunately lost their power of protest and so have their language of consciousness too.

As far as their social and political consciousnesses are concerned they are far and away from the people of other Indian states. They now believe in give and take policy at their individual level only.

What is strange is that some of them are literate yet uneducated.

They raise the question of morality and credibility of a political party or an alliance but ignore the same for the political leaders to whom they give their votes! Aren’t they also hypocrite like some political leaders?

They never forget to express their gratitude to their ‘donor’ ruler offering cash and kinds but always forget to say that this offering cannot be a permanent solution like getting a job.

Sometimes they give a strange logic in order to hide their ‘kind’ ruler’s stealing by saying that everybody in this world is a stealer. In this way they create an opening for them in their mind, through which they creep ahead and steal the goods of others.

Gradually they lose the power of making a protest; their mind becomes greedy and lazy and starts supporting even the misdeeds and crimes of a ruler!

It’s no doubt a complex state of people’s mind. one can define it as a social sickness too. In this besotted state of mind, the people start expressing their penury of thought. They can even reject a better and stronger political alternative! They cannot find certainty but uncertainty in that alternative.

In this mesmeric state of mind, the laity who behaves like a henpecked husband of an attractive wife shows their total moral let-down which is no doubt a foreboding of thunder-crash to a society.

In this absorbed mind they better choose to remain in anarchy and like to plunge into a deep darkness. Even the victors having a little knowledge laugh at them and cannot feel pride for their win in real terms.

But, one positive side is there- the flow of protest. Protest is such a flow which never stops its waving. The first light of the universe was perhaps the result of the biggest protest against the deepest quantum darkness.

That flow of protest is still going on and so is the universe expanding.

Hope, that flow will help the people of West Bengal rise from their stupor and will infuse the light of protest into their dark mind in the coming days.

But, the honest political leaders who know the importance of protest have to play a major role here. They have to travel up to the closed doors of the people’s houses and make a knock on it lovingly so that they can enter a protest against unjust they feel in their mind and see in their open eyes.

Thursday 29 May 2014


Is it politics or poly-tricks?

To me, there is no fundamental difference between the two.

Politics consists of many(poly) tricks; hence it may be named as poly-tricks too.

But, whatever the name may it be the fact is that trick is common to both though the word trick is absent in the first one.

Let's make a try to find out who play the trick in that tricky world and how?

In the world of poly-tricks or politics there mainly exists two types of tricks- good or bad.

Only a few political players who play good tricks become the tick of the social development.Though they are less shining and successful in comparison with others throughout their political career, they do their work silently and qualitatively.

We know work-effort consists of thought, action and energy. The work-effort of these very few political leaders generates higher political values which in turn higher the human value of development.

In general, they are back office workers. But, when someone of them comes to the front, he transgresses the traditional practices of politics, changes the course of time and becomes a roll model of the young people.

Going beyond the traditional activities of leadership he defines the leadership differently. He becomes a hero of the people.The people look through his eyes and fulfill their dream. With his new ideas and perspectives he shapes the country newly.

 In contrast, the players who are comparatively poly in numbers like to play bad tricks as they prefer the name polytricks to politics. The reason of their preference lies in their perception. They perceive that tricks whether good or bad is always good in politics.

They seem to follow the famous saying: "Nothing is unfair in love and war". (In this case the war is to be replaced by politics)

But, it is more of a general saying rather than of a specific one. It doesn't say for whom it is true and for whom not.

A political leader having a negative trait of mind may use it as a shield for hiding his mischievousness. So, the saying is neutral in nature and  it completely depends on the individual how he uses it.

So, from the specific point of view we can say-

Nothing is unfair in love and war
It is true who is always fair.

But, the political rulers who play bad tricks even with the common people at times can never be fair.. By making nefarious stratagem they may be successful for a time, but can't remain in the heart of people for a broad span of time.


They worship negativism. The negative attitude can't help them construct a mind which is pro-people and pro-developmental. Naturally, they can't bear the torch of human development and fulfill the hope and aspiration of common people.

Yet, an excellent exhibition of a true spirit of development may be shown even by them!

But, this possibility occurs only when they come out of their negative mind set up and define the human interest in a broader sense.

It causes a paradigm shift in their character. They then start to connect people with a more positive attitude.

These are some discussions about the political leaders or rulers who play their game in the world of polytricks. But, what should be our role play in this world of polytricks?

Should we play trick against the trick of political rulers or make a protest against their trick?

Trick occurs in our brain but protest comes from our heart. The matrix of trick is pride whereas that of protest is love. Trick is our cleverness but protest is the language of our consciousness.

A conscious person always makes protest against any kind of trick or misdeed.

And we do the same thing every five year in the form of pressing a button of  EVM.




Monday 28 April 2014


The half of the sky is of men and the rest belongs to women.
Great men and experts say that. But why do they think and say that way?
Is it because to exhibit love  towards women or to forcefully position them in the sky of development or to merely express an eternal truth?
There is a word 'sky' in the sentence with which this article begins. Let us  focus on its type.
Is it a sky of love or right?
If it is 'sky of love', it can't be shared or measured as it is spread ad infinitum. The idea of separation can't show love or bring equilibrium
Let us consider that there is a  social sky of love or development which creates human values.  Then, who  make this kind of sky?
To me, only those people who build their own fortune and acquire their own right by themselves through their creative works can certainly make it possible. Obviously, God helps them to do that and realize the value of human work.
This social sky is user friendly. They make it and leave it for others who then add some extra values to make it more conspicuous.
On the contrary, making the 'sky of right' seems to be unpractical. The people who try to make this type of sky always keeps faith in muscle actively or passively. But muscle can't help us make sky but acquire some land only by depriving others .The land acquire in this manner may be subject  to equal division.
So, the statement given in the beginning of this article is either meaningless or suffers from deceitfulness.To make it somewhat meaningful and truthful some people take a fancy to set up a nexus between muscle and patriarchy.
This is an another false try. Nobody knows what exactly patriarchy is!
Is it a funny shield some people use whenever they require to hide some unpleasant truth?  What is that unpleasant truth?
Is it an eternal weakness of some people or a vested interest or a lack of creative dynamism?
Whatever it nay be we have to seriously mull over that. But the truth is some wicked men and women can't determine the moral standard of the society. It is set by our religion--the matrix which is the base of human civilization. Mere analyzing the characteristic feature or trait of some bad men, we can't  fathom social philosophy-the scope of discussion of which goes far beyond patriarchy or matriarchy.
Some people tell the pseudo story of patriarchy because of their immanent matriarchal mind set up which also believes in muscle but in different manner.To tell the truth, neither patriarchy nor matriarchy can listen to the right tune of 'development' at different levels-individual,society and the universe at large.
Development is love and vice versa. Apart from materialistic development we need philosophical development too in order to increase the level of moral values and strengthen the vision of life. It can only be achieved by self criticism and self teaching. Only speaking about right, making politics of excuse and blaming society can't make us progressive in true sense and position us on the trajectory of development.
The 'chain of rule' that binds women or the 'rule of space science' taking women to the space--which one of the two is the result of patriarchal system?
If first one is the patriarchy. then the second one? If we consider the second idea as patriarchy, the first one? If we juxtapose the both ideas and think simultaneously, will it be patriarchy?
What is the best family system in the world? Is there any social scientist to answer the question in a clear and transparent manner?
The problem is, we often don't think from the perspective of religion which includes some core human values, such as love, patience. justice, compassion etc. and thus we make our thinking process unnecessary complex, which deviates us from observing the right picture of life.
It is difficult to define honour or dishonour but it is more difficult to digest unpleasant truth what great men always shun to speak out.
Remember the first line of this article, please. Let us consider the concept 'sky' has two layers. If we remove the first  layer, we will see some 'OX'  looking men making flowers of civilization with an immense concentration, scattering light all over and making the sky of human development.


Saturday 22 March 2014


An idea may be a Vision,
That can see and change 
The course of Time
And, better the value of life.




Life is poem and vice versa.Discover life in poem. In my earlier blog posted on 14 March I wrote a set of two poems.Today I am going to write a poem the name of which is The Heavenly Task.In my next blog I am going to present a short philosophical essay.




The Enlightened Super Highway,

You and me

And our speedy walk....

A gab in the silent evening

And having a cup of tea, roadside.... 

A cosmic commitment 

And your relative animality

And the moral degeneration, disbelief

Against a protesting love.

While the wavy light from the source

Speaking to you

And making your face bright and shiny;

My only endeavour--

To unravel and experience

The mystery with you.

Now, after a gap of some years,

with your shabby face rather,

One heavenly task is left--

Embracing the flower vase on the table,

Pouring water into it,

Without touching the flower, inside....

Saturday 15 March 2014

An idea may be a vision
That can see and change
The course of Time,
And better the value of life.



In my earlier blog posted on 7 March 2014 I wrote a set of three poems. Today I am going to write a set of two poems. Life is poem and vice versa. Discover the value of life in poems. Share your views and experience with me.


When the leaves are dried,
The river becomes sandy,
And your narrow interest dies down.
The conceited utterance 'no never'
Is converted into forever, today. 

The hard rule of society ins and out
And your fragmented body
Built by space and time,
Remains standstill.

Life goes on  
And your Demand lies on the floor, inane.....


Your complex octave movement
Or speedy degeneration,
It's a test of life to see-
How  you define the interest 
And your life at this mystic moment.

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