Friday 28 February 2014


An idea may be a Vision
That can see and change
The course of Time
And better the value of life




Today I am going to write a short essay titled  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DISCOVERER LEADER AND RULER.
It is a social philosophy which describes dynamics of development
It draws a comparison between discoverer leader and ruler of society.
It discusses how the trio drives the wheel of social development.
It also speaks how the common people are socially related to their activities.


Drivers of Social development

The discoverer(D) leader(L) and ruler(R) together build a triangular system of development in our society.
In this DLR or triangular system of development the discoverer unravels the mystery of the universe and constructs the wheel of development and a leader steers and directs the same for others.
It is their work synergy that prints the locus of civilization and draws the line of human values.
But we can't deny the role of a ruler on that line as he exerts some forces on that while moving along.He being one of the vertices of the triangular system of development uses the line of progress, takes advantages of that and satisfies his own interest.

Their Role Play

The warp of space-time creates the speed of evolution.
Having been driven by that the discoverer and the leader become an application programmer on the system of the universe.
They together become true guide of people who look through their eyes and become their companion for ever.
On the contrary, a ruler whether good or bad, makes his own world only.At a certain point on the timeline he is dethroned by the trick of spacetime and people forget him.

Natural Vs. Artificial

A ruler is a person who is externally empowered but a discoverer or a leader is naturally powered and motivated by the philosophical and scientific forces.
A ruler has a mechanistic view of the world and judges everything on that parameter.Because of mechanical grooming he can't transgress himself ,so keeps faith on empirical knowledge only, always points his fingers at others and makes a politics of excuse and deprivation.
But a discoverer or a leader never goes to blame others but takes his own failures on his own shoulder and finds his way of success through a continuous research.

Liberalism Vs. Conservatism

A ruler always wants democratic demeanour from others but in their own life they hardly make a display of that-they rather love to coil in their own conservatism or autocratic domain unlike the other two members of the same system.
It is not that they don't participate in the universal activity of development but they do so with a view to satisfying their own narrow interest and hence they move but fail to displace themselves from one locus point to another on their own.,so bring forth merely some passive values for the society.


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