Monday 28 April 2014


The half of the sky is of men and the rest belongs to women.
Great men and experts say that. But why do they think and say that way?
Is it because to exhibit love  towards women or to forcefully position them in the sky of development or to merely express an eternal truth?
There is a word 'sky' in the sentence with which this article begins. Let us  focus on its type.
Is it a sky of love or right?
If it is 'sky of love', it can't be shared or measured as it is spread ad infinitum. The idea of separation can't show love or bring equilibrium
Let us consider that there is a  social sky of love or development which creates human values.  Then, who  make this kind of sky?
To me, only those people who build their own fortune and acquire their own right by themselves through their creative works can certainly make it possible. Obviously, God helps them to do that and realize the value of human work.
This social sky is user friendly. They make it and leave it for others who then add some extra values to make it more conspicuous.
On the contrary, making the 'sky of right' seems to be unpractical. The people who try to make this type of sky always keeps faith in muscle actively or passively. But muscle can't help us make sky but acquire some land only by depriving others .The land acquire in this manner may be subject  to equal division.
So, the statement given in the beginning of this article is either meaningless or suffers from deceitfulness.To make it somewhat meaningful and truthful some people take a fancy to set up a nexus between muscle and patriarchy.
This is an another false try. Nobody knows what exactly patriarchy is!
Is it a funny shield some people use whenever they require to hide some unpleasant truth?  What is that unpleasant truth?
Is it an eternal weakness of some people or a vested interest or a lack of creative dynamism?
Whatever it nay be we have to seriously mull over that. But the truth is some wicked men and women can't determine the moral standard of the society. It is set by our religion--the matrix which is the base of human civilization. Mere analyzing the characteristic feature or trait of some bad men, we can't  fathom social philosophy-the scope of discussion of which goes far beyond patriarchy or matriarchy.
Some people tell the pseudo story of patriarchy because of their immanent matriarchal mind set up which also believes in muscle but in different manner.To tell the truth, neither patriarchy nor matriarchy can listen to the right tune of 'development' at different levels-individual,society and the universe at large.
Development is love and vice versa. Apart from materialistic development we need philosophical development too in order to increase the level of moral values and strengthen the vision of life. It can only be achieved by self criticism and self teaching. Only speaking about right, making politics of excuse and blaming society can't make us progressive in true sense and position us on the trajectory of development.
The 'chain of rule' that binds women or the 'rule of space science' taking women to the space--which one of the two is the result of patriarchal system?
If first one is the patriarchy. then the second one? If we consider the second idea as patriarchy, the first one? If we juxtapose the both ideas and think simultaneously, will it be patriarchy?
What is the best family system in the world? Is there any social scientist to answer the question in a clear and transparent manner?
The problem is, we often don't think from the perspective of religion which includes some core human values, such as love, patience. justice, compassion etc. and thus we make our thinking process unnecessary complex, which deviates us from observing the right picture of life.
It is difficult to define honour or dishonour but it is more difficult to digest unpleasant truth what great men always shun to speak out.
Remember the first line of this article, please. Let us consider the concept 'sky' has two layers. If we remove the first  layer, we will see some 'OX'  looking men making flowers of civilization with an immense concentration, scattering light all over and making the sky of human development.


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