Thursday 29 May 2014


Is it politics or poly-tricks?

To me, there is no fundamental difference between the two.

Politics consists of many(poly) tricks; hence it may be named as poly-tricks too.

But, whatever the name may it be the fact is that trick is common to both though the word trick is absent in the first one.

Let's make a try to find out who play the trick in that tricky world and how?

In the world of poly-tricks or politics there mainly exists two types of tricks- good or bad.

Only a few political players who play good tricks become the tick of the social development.Though they are less shining and successful in comparison with others throughout their political career, they do their work silently and qualitatively.

We know work-effort consists of thought, action and energy. The work-effort of these very few political leaders generates higher political values which in turn higher the human value of development.

In general, they are back office workers. But, when someone of them comes to the front, he transgresses the traditional practices of politics, changes the course of time and becomes a roll model of the young people.

Going beyond the traditional activities of leadership he defines the leadership differently. He becomes a hero of the people.The people look through his eyes and fulfill their dream. With his new ideas and perspectives he shapes the country newly.

 In contrast, the players who are comparatively poly in numbers like to play bad tricks as they prefer the name polytricks to politics. The reason of their preference lies in their perception. They perceive that tricks whether good or bad is always good in politics.

They seem to follow the famous saying: "Nothing is unfair in love and war". (In this case the war is to be replaced by politics)

But, it is more of a general saying rather than of a specific one. It doesn't say for whom it is true and for whom not.

A political leader having a negative trait of mind may use it as a shield for hiding his mischievousness. So, the saying is neutral in nature and  it completely depends on the individual how he uses it.

So, from the specific point of view we can say-

Nothing is unfair in love and war
It is true who is always fair.

But, the political rulers who play bad tricks even with the common people at times can never be fair.. By making nefarious stratagem they may be successful for a time, but can't remain in the heart of people for a broad span of time.


They worship negativism. The negative attitude can't help them construct a mind which is pro-people and pro-developmental. Naturally, they can't bear the torch of human development and fulfill the hope and aspiration of common people.

Yet, an excellent exhibition of a true spirit of development may be shown even by them!

But, this possibility occurs only when they come out of their negative mind set up and define the human interest in a broader sense.

It causes a paradigm shift in their character. They then start to connect people with a more positive attitude.

These are some discussions about the political leaders or rulers who play their game in the world of polytricks. But, what should be our role play in this world of polytricks?

Should we play trick against the trick of political rulers or make a protest against their trick?

Trick occurs in our brain but protest comes from our heart. The matrix of trick is pride whereas that of protest is love. Trick is our cleverness but protest is the language of our consciousness.

A conscious person always makes protest against any kind of trick or misdeed.

And we do the same thing every five year in the form of pressing a button of  EVM.




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