Saturday 22 March 2014


An idea may be a Vision,
That can see and change 
The course of Time
And, better the value of life.




Life is poem and vice versa.Discover life in poem. In my earlier blog posted on 14 March I wrote a set of two poems.Today I am going to write a poem the name of which is The Heavenly Task.In my next blog I am going to present a short philosophical essay.




The Enlightened Super Highway,

You and me

And our speedy walk....

A gab in the silent evening

And having a cup of tea, roadside.... 

A cosmic commitment 

And your relative animality

And the moral degeneration, disbelief

Against a protesting love.

While the wavy light from the source

Speaking to you

And making your face bright and shiny;

My only endeavour--

To unravel and experience

The mystery with you.

Now, after a gap of some years,

with your shabby face rather,

One heavenly task is left--

Embracing the flower vase on the table,

Pouring water into it,

Without touching the flower, inside....

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