Wednesday 11 January 2017

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Protest Sleeps in a Greedy and Lazy Mind

Today’s majority people of West Bengal have unfortunately lost their power of protest and so have their language of consciousness too.

As far as their social and political consciousnesses are concerned they are far and away from the people of other Indian states. They now believe in give and take policy at their individual level only.

What is strange is that some of them are literate yet uneducated.

They raise the question of morality and credibility of a political party or an alliance but ignore the same for the political leaders to whom they give their votes! Aren’t they also hypocrite like some political leaders?

They never forget to express their gratitude to their ‘donor’ ruler offering cash and kinds but always forget to say that this offering cannot be a permanent solution like getting a job.

Sometimes they give a strange logic in order to hide their ‘kind’ ruler’s stealing by saying that everybody in this world is a stealer. In this way they create an opening for them in their mind, through which they creep ahead and steal the goods of others.

Gradually they lose the power of making a protest; their mind becomes greedy and lazy and starts supporting even the misdeeds and crimes of a ruler!

It’s no doubt a complex state of people’s mind. one can define it as a social sickness too. In this besotted state of mind, the people start expressing their penury of thought. They can even reject a better and stronger political alternative! They cannot find certainty but uncertainty in that alternative.

In this mesmeric state of mind, the laity who behaves like a henpecked husband of an attractive wife shows their total moral let-down which is no doubt a foreboding of thunder-crash to a society.

In this absorbed mind they better choose to remain in anarchy and like to plunge into a deep darkness. Even the victors having a little knowledge laugh at them and cannot feel pride for their win in real terms.

But, one positive side is there- the flow of protest. Protest is such a flow which never stops its waving. The first light of the universe was perhaps the result of the biggest protest against the deepest quantum darkness.

That flow of protest is still going on and so is the universe expanding.

Hope, that flow will help the people of West Bengal rise from their stupor and will infuse the light of protest into their dark mind in the coming days.

But, the honest political leaders who know the importance of protest have to play a major role here. They have to travel up to the closed doors of the people’s houses and make a knock on it lovingly so that they can enter a protest against unjust they feel in their mind and see in their open eyes.

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